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  1. ☢ Zombie Apocalypse AU
  2. ♔ Royalty AU
  3. ♥ Arranged Marriage AU
  4. ✍ Highschool AU
  5. ☎ Roommates AU
  6. ☠ Hospital AU
  7. ♨ Cafe AU
  8. ❀ Flower Shop AU
  9. ♠ Vampires AU
  10. ♦ Werewolves AU
  11. ♢ Werecats AU
  12. ๑ Mermaids AU
  13. ☼ Models AU
  14. ☾ Actors AU
  15. ★ Olympic AU
  16. ♬ Musicians AU
  17. ✄ Androids AU
  18. ღ First Date AU
  19. ◔ Superhero AU
  20. ◕ Supervillain
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If I do not spazz over our ships or budding ships, it doesn’t mean I don’t like the ship or don’t want to ship with you.

Lack of spazzing means:

  • I’m terrified you’ll think I’m a bad kind of weirdo
  • Or I’m forcing a ship on you

Believe me, when we get comfortable with each other, I’ll spazz. 

TMI Tuesday, ask me inappropriate, personal, sexual, awkward questions. I’ll answer anything you’re curious about.
Savior | Rory and Ada



Ada smiled a little awkwardly and looked away, wishing she had something in her hands she could play with. She felt bereft.

"I wanted to know if he’d seen a man who’s tall, dark, and handsome, has some facial tattoos, and speaks English with a heavy tribal accent." She wasn’t sure if she should lie about her motives or not, so she stuck close to the truth. "His name is Anthos. He and I have a long history, and I need to find him soon."


She shook her head slightly. "Well, you’d know all about having a pretty face, wouldn’t you?" She grinned at him, although it seemed a little off. "I bet lots of girls just throw themselves at you. Or boys. Whichever you prefer.”

A tribal? Few and far between, but always an interesting encounter every time (both good and bad). He saw them more often in the Mojave area than he ever did in DC. He idly wondered to himself why that is. He would be remembering the name however, just in case he happened to run into the man she was describing. A long history could mean a whole lotta anything.


"Oh, haha. Thank you." Actually, the compliment was rather nice. She certainly was consider enough to be one of the few that didn’t say he looked like a burned out junkie. “I think I’ve gotten more trouble thrown at me than men or women.” He chuckled, and maybe it was mostly his fault. He just had a pull towards disaster (he didn’t necessarily go looking for it). "You said your friend is a tribal, does that mean you are or were a tribal?" Curiosity was never satisfied till sought for.

"Or trouble," she echoed with a dry laugh, taking another drink. "Np, I was never a tribal. I’ve been plenty of things, but not that. I did learn one phrase in the language from him, but I don’t think that counts."


"How about you? You’re not tribal, but are you a wanderer or a city-dweller?"

"The thing about programming is that when you do your job well, it goes completely unoticed; when you make a mistake, all hell can break loose."
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profoundly-naive"The waitresses at the Line. They're all Strays... aren't they. Why would Zuse--how did they get here?"


"I don’t know, Quorra."

It was barely true. She didn’t know, but Ada could speculate how Zuse - Castor - had lured in strays and kept their discs away from them, until their memories faded and they were nothing but toys for his manipulation.

"It’s hard to imagine why, though. I can’t see why he needed waitresses without - “ Her voice faltered. ”- memories … “

Oh users. He’d been playing the Resistance like an instrument for cycles, and she hadn’t seen it. She’d failed because of her emotional ties - again.

"One may smile, and smile, and be a villain."
- William Shakespeare, Hamlet


Diane Kruger

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